Real Estate

we offer general commercial advice on the legal issues involved

Real Estate


Our firm provides in-depth advice on all aspects of real estate transactions including sale and acquisition of property, financing and consequent security, construction contracts, residential and commercial premises, leasing and portfolio acquisitions. We are significantly involved in our clients’ real estate investment portfolio planning, acquisitions, construction financing, leasing and management of office complexes, shopping malls, hotels and residential houses and estates.

Our lawyers are conversant with various perfection processes adopted in different parts of the country and have vast experience in investigating and deducing title; preparation of conveyancing documentation, obtaining Government consent, recovery of premises, conventional and securitised financing.

Our real property practice covers a wide variety of clients which includes financial institutions, institutional investors, pension funds, insurance companies, construction companies, venture capitalists, State and Federal Governments, real estate investment vehicles and private developers.

From transaction inception to completion, our lawyers go beyond the traditional role of document preparation and due diligence. They are skilled negotiators who partner with clients from the outset of each transaction to add value and obtain the best result for the client upon completion.